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Tenant Protection Program

What we offer:

On The Move Insurance Agency offers an industry leading Tenant Protection Program that allows operators to earn up to 90% profit margins.

The standard Self-Storage lease states that the operator is not responsible for the tenants’ goods while in storage. Our program allows you, through a lease addendum, to assume limited liability for their contents at the price and limits you choose.  You are not insuring their goods; you are simply offering them a protection plan or a premium quality lease while our carrier insures the risk you assume.

We offer a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) that insures the risk your facility assumes regardless of size. The cost to insure the risk of a $2,000 protection plan can be as little as $1.00 per month.*

You report risk monthly ensuring that you pay only for the exact amount of insurance you need to cover your risk. Billing is done monthly, quarterly or annually based on your preference.

Our CLIP can cover almost any existing Tenant Protection Program with no changes necessary. Let us provide a quote, matching your current policy terms as well as our zero deductible policy.

We provide you with point-of-sale tools, training and implementation strategies for your facilities. Our customers have participation rates that average more than 80%.  Our claims handling is done by licensed adjusters that settle your tenants’ claim on your behalf.

Our customers enjoy the most efficient claims handling and highest profit margins in the industry!

*Underwriting Criteria. Every facility is reviewed and rated by our underwriters assuring the most competitive quote.

Small Facilities, Big Profits- Protection Plan Training Services

On The Move Insurance Agency has partnered with Protection Plan Training Services (PPTS), a management company providing training and access to an affordable contract liability insurance policy (CLIP). When a facility signs up with the training program offered by PPTS, it enjoys a pay per month per protection plan fee that includes training and the cost to insure the risk of the program.

It’s a simple, easy way to offer a protection plan without having to purchase an annual policy. As well as insuring the cost at a set rate, the facility gets to set its own pricing, thereby determining its margin. The protection plans are insured with a zero deductible for both the facility and the tenant with all claims handled by PPTS’s carrier. PPTS training is comprehensive with many different implementation strategies available to operators to offer the program to existing tenants.

The PPTS program is unique as it offers a way for facilities to grow their protection plan program to the point where it may one day warrant the facility purchasing its own policy, greatly improving margins. 

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