by CJ Stratte | Oct 15, 2020

Most storage owners and operators know they need some kind of protection for their tenants, but what’s better? What’s the difference? There are a lot of differences between tenant protection and insurance and the better choice is obvious. Here is why tenant protection is the right choice for storage:

Tenant Protection has you covered. 

Tenant Protection will guard your tenants’ belongings without loopholes or deception. While Tenant Insurance is subject to changing state regulations, Tenant Protection is clear and concise.

You don’t need a license to sell protection. 

If you want to sell Tenant Insurance, you will have to pay for your employees to get licensed to do so. Instead of spending the time and money to license every new employee you could just sell Tenant Protection, which does not require a license of any kind.

The added revenue is for you, not an insurer. 

Tenant Protection will grow your bottom line substantially, while Tenant Insurance only benefits the insurer. If you’re going to put a lot of time and energy into something, we believe it should financially pay off.

The operators sets the rates. 

Want to sell protection for $10? $50? $5? That’s your prerogative. Tenant Insurance is subject to constant fluctuation, but with Tenant Protection, the storage owner sets the rates and collects the profits.

Take care of your tenants with confidence. 

On The Move Insurance Agency offers premier service and takes pride in servicing our clients. With us, you’ll know your tenants are cared for. With insurance, you just have to cross your fingers that the third party insurer won’t let you down.

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