April 12, 2024

With SecureLease, we’ve got your back when it comes to tenant protection. Our program takes the hassle out of getting your tenants enrolled in coverage, allowing you to focus on renting more units.

Here’s how it works: We provide a lease addendum that your tenants sign, outlining the protection options and costs. Tenants are automatically enrolled in the minimum plan, with the ability to upgrade if they choose. And if they want to opt-out, they just need to provide proof of their own insurance.

But the real magic happens behind the scenes. We continuously monitor your property management software to make sure new tenants are enrolled, and existing tenants stay compliant. Within 30 days of activating the program, our partners have seen 80-90% of occupied units enrolled.

By automating the entire process, SecureLease maximizes tenant participation and revenue for your business. No more hassling your store managers to sell coverage – we’ve got it covered. So you can spend more time renting units and less time worrying about tenant protection.

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